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Services Overview


Family Psychology Mutual provides evidence based intervention programmes such as Multisystemic Therapy (MST) and have established teams in Cambridgeshire for young people on the edge of care or custody and also for young people with sexually harmful behaviours.


We are interested in contracting for evidence based interventions as a service provider. We have experience of reviewing and working with a range of programmes including Triple P parenting programme, Functional Family Therapy, Parenting Under Pressure and Treatment Foster Care Oregon.


We have undertaken assessments for sexually harmful behaviour cases for Local Authorities and CAMHs services. See the outline for this assessment below.


We have experience of programme management where we are not the direct provider of the intervention but where we have oversight of the intervention and manage how it is used by a system or organisation. This can include governance issues as well as assuring the operational efficiency of the service so that it can operate to the maximum potential as often as possible.


We know that commissioning an evidence based programme requires a significant amount of work by a commissioning team. We can offer consultancy advice and needs assessment support to an area interested in considering evidence based interventions. We have reviewed and trialled evidence based interventions and have a strong national and international network to draw upon.


Once commissioned, the process of implementation can be complex and may require organisational development in order to create the right environment for the intervention to succeed and flourish. Building on our experience and also implementation science research we can offer implementation advice and consultancy.


Many interventions are yet to reach the rating of an ‘evidence based intervention’ and we remain interested in promising approaches and what is known as practice based evidence which is on the way to establishing robust evidence. We are keen to explore and deliver programmes where an intervention demonstrates significant potential, especially if it is based upon tracking of outcomes. For example, we are interested in developing services for parents whose mental health may be impairing their ability to parent effectively using recognised therapeutic skills. Therefore we are interested in establishing further evidence for newer interventions or to help identify the usefulness of a particular practice locally.


As a new company we are keen to expand and to understand what services you might wish to commission so please contact us if you think that we might be able to help or could develop a proposal with you. This includes private work.

Please get in touch with us if you wish to make a referral or require more information



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