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Service Strategy & Business Plan


Service Strategy


Our objectives are:


Business plan


Our ambition is to build on the established track record of our team and their outstanding skills and expertise. Family Psychology Mutual has significant experience to bring to the market. The offer will be to either assist organisations to establish themselves through implementation or programme management or to take a service on as the direct service provider.


Our purpose is to deliver services to young people and their families, commonly described as being on the edge of care or the edge of custody. The methodologies employed will be rooted in research proven approaches, such as MST, FFT for adolescent anti-social behaviour and other services targeting edge of care children of all ages. The company is guided by evidence of effectiveness, including promising practices which will be evaluated by routine outcome measures and comply with practice based evidence.


The vision is to develop strategic relationships with Local Authority and NHS commissioners so that outcome based commissioning can be realised in public services. There is also a desire to use social investment via innovative financial mechanisms and vehicles such as Social Impact Bonds to create new investment opportunities promoting the expansion of evidence based programmes. This may include participation in outcome based contracts or arrangements. The company may also act in a brokerage role between public services and socially motivated financial intermediaries.


The team and its collective experience of evidence based practice are the key assets which the company will hold as it expands into the market. Maintaining a vibrant and committed group of colleagues is essential to the survival and growth of the business. This aim will be significantly assisted by the mutual nature of the company in which every member of staff will be a shareholder. The company structure provides all colleagues within the mutual with a vested interest in high performance and accountability.

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