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Service Strategy & Business Plan


Objectives and targets


The core objective for the next three years is to grow our impact through enhancing and replicating

our current work. Central to this is sustaining and extending the existing projects. Our current model

of successful mobilisation gives us a strong market position and allows us to confidently assure

commissioners of the quality of delivery which we will create.


Honing our implementation model and defining it for ourselves and for others will enable us to build

on our position. FPM has leading experience of the implementation, replication and adaptation of

clinical models in Children’s Services. This skill set has a value in the marketplace as taking a model

and implementing it is neither straight forward nor is successful achievement of outcomes in any

way guaranteed.


The FPM model of implementation is based on craft, experience and underpinning academic work

concerning implementation in complex systems. FPM has learned about what the key issues are and

how to manage the system and political environment in order to achieve the best conditions to

facilitate the new intervention from mobilisation to achievement and then sustainability. This can be

where FPM is the provider or as Programme Manager guiding and directing an implementation

process. Developing and articulating this model is a piece of work for FPM to further define and

establish so that the key elements are set out for others to follow and to ensure the continuity of

expertise within the company.


The focus for future growth in the medium term will be for the existing models. However we will not

ignore how the market develops and what new opportunities are created.


In support of our growth ambition, and to allow us to articulate a compelling model, we have set

targets across three further complementary areas:




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