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Sometimes it helps to read feedback from other parents who have had support from Family Psychology Mutual teams, to know that you are not alone and that we are hear to help you though a challenging time in your family's life.


FFT London


"Many thanks for all of your time and support helping us to be a better family.  We have really enjoyed the sessions with you and appreciate everything you have taught us."


“The therapist was really helpful and their collaboration with social services was really helpful”


“I found it particularly helpful getting reassurance and guidance regarding vocabulary”


“FFT was particularly helpful as it dealt with all the family”


“The FFT service was helpful in teaching me not to give into his demands and staying calm”




“MST-PSB has been very supportive for us as a family.  On call was extremely useful when we were finding situations difficult to deal with”


"I am glad I have done the work with MST-PSB to help me to hanlde things better and to understand that I am not the only person doing the work with MST and that I am a good mum."


MST Standard


"MST has been fantastic and has not only helped with J's behaviour but it has also helped me to think of different ways to parent the other children.  Thank you."




"I think that the MST helped my family a lot through tough times"


"Very enlightening process that has enabled us as parents to develop and use skills we didn't know we had!"




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