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Empowering families towards a safer and happier future

About Family Psychology Mutual


Family Psychology Mutual is a social enterprise which is registered as a Community Interest Company. This means that each and every colleague employed by the mutual is an equal owner of the company and that we operate as a not for profit organisation. 


Our vision


Empowering families and individuals towards a safer and happier future.


Our mission


Working with families and individuals in their homes and communities to create and sustain

positive changes using high quality psychological interventions.


Our values


Determination: We resolve to achieve lasting outcomes for our clients and persevere to overcome

barriers to achieving them.


Diversity: We value diversity and acknowledge that creating a diverse company requires continuous

investment, attentiveness and ownership throughout the organisation.


Ownership: As owners of our business we take responsibility for delivering the highest quality care

and of ensuring we hold ourselves to the strongest standards of integrity and accountability.


Creativity: We innovate by implementing programmes and interventions that meet the needs of our

clients and that respond to the requirements of commissioners.


Positivity: We build on the strengths of our clients and on those of each other.


Financial Sustainability: Our aims and practices target impact, but we need to make a surplus to be

sustainable. In this pursuit we are business like and we put a fair value on our expertise.


Modern Slavery Policy

Family Psychology has a Modern Slavery Policy.

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